Celebrity Bodyguards Los Angeles

Celebrity Bodyguards Los AngelesWe don’t at all mind telling you that Bodyguards Executive Protections is among the most elite celebrity bodyguards Los Angeles has ever known. We have been in the close protection industry for more than thirty years. We provide personal security for celebrities, royalty, executive officers and anyone else who requires close protection.

If you represent a celebrity, bodyguards Los Angeles is something you need to know about. It’s a crying shame that fans can’t all be trusted, but that’s the way it goes these days. One need only read the news about Rebecca Shaeffer or John Lennon to know that what we say is true. Celebrity bodyguards Los Angeles have surely prevented even more tragedies from occurring. It’s a dangerous world out there, and it’s only getting worse. Still, celebrities want to be seen by their public. Bodyguards Executive Protections are celebrity bodyguards Los Angeles that allow any entertainment professional to go where they want to go while feeling protected and secure.

You don’t have to be a movie star in order to use our professional close protection service. If you are going to be in Los Angeles and feel a need for close security, call Bodyguards Executive Protections at 1.800.654.7797 and let us know when to expect you. We will provide twenty four hour security that begins the instant we meet you at LAX or other location. Many of our celebrity bodyguards Los Angeles are experienced in performing simultaneous tasks, so if you need a personal bodyguard that can also act as a chauffeur, nanny, secretary or personal assistant, let us know so we can put you together with the perfect professional. If you are already in the Los Angeles area, give our Beverly Hills office a call at 310.859.2700. When we provide the protection, we prevent problems from happening.



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